Must. Stop. Worrying.

All systems are go for egg retrieval on Wednesday morning. Tonight, I take my last dose of Ganirelix at 8 pm, and then trigger at 10 pm. Tuesday, I start taking Medrol and Doxycycline, and then the egg retrieval will be at 9 am on Wednesday.

That means that our transfer will be either Saturday or Monday. Monday is Labor Day here in the states, so I find that a bit amusing. I am really hoping for a Labor Day transfer. Catch thinks it’s hilarious that we’re looking at a transfer for Labor Day and a due date around Memorial Day.

Side note: Why are there no 4 day transfers? Why is it only 3 or 5 days? I could look this up online, I’m sure, but I’ve banned myself from googling ANYTHING IVF. I will not google. It’s my mantra.

I started feeling more noticeably crampy and bloated last night, and that has intensified today. It’s not intolerable, but it’s uncomfortable. I am bloated enough at this point that I feel like I should be leaking air from all of my needle punctures.

On Saturday, I ended up back at urgent care for this damn UTI. 3 days of antibiotics was apparently not enough for it, and by Saturday I was miserable again. As I sat there with the doctor listing the medications I’m currently taking, he shocked me by saying, “I actually know a few things about IVF. My wife and I have done it three times.” Their first try failed (not what I wanted to hear) but they have a 7 year old son and 4 year old (identical) twins from rounds 2 & 3. He repeatedly told me how hard but worth it the experience was for them. It was the first time I’ve encountered anyone who has been through this before (in person), so it was kind of a nice surprise.

Now that egg retrieval is scheduled, I’ve moved on from freaking out about follicle sizes and am now freaking out about early ovulation. I always feel like I ovulate less than 24 hours post-trigger. What if I don’t make it 35 hours? It’s been keeping me up at night. I feel like my brain just spun a wheel and decided that of all the things to worry about THIS was going to be The Thing.

My doctor didn’t make me feel much better about it. I was looking for reassurance that it’s so rare or it almost never happens, but instead I was told, “It’s a balancing act. We have a lot of things to consider, and we do our best but it does happen on occasion.”


The only thing that makes me feel a bit better is the extra dose of Ganirelix tonight. That should buy me 24 hours, and then I only have to worry about the final 12 before retrieval. I really wish I could just put my head down right now and sleep until 9 am Wednesday. I am really struggling to keep anxiety at bay, and it’s only going to get worse as the hours tick by.

20 thoughts on “Must. Stop. Worrying.

  1. I’m right there with ya sister! I’m only doing IUI and it’s a natural cycle and my first through a clinic. So I had a scan last Thursday & then daily blood tests but I have been really worried that they will miss ovulation. It’s been so hard waiting! I felt like this first cycle (although not cheap) was kind of our trying it out try….until they told me on Thursday that I had two follicles that looked likely to release naturally. The possibility of two chances at one baby or one chance of two babies has me so exited and helpful that now I’m especially invested in not missing this cycle! What makes it hard is that I’ve been charting and monitoring mY cycles for 5 years so am closely in turn with my pre-ovulation signs….but when you do home insems with donor sperm you need to try and get it in before the LH surge triggers ovulation, whereas now with the clinic they wait till after the surge. I am sure that today must be the day and am waiting on the blood results. Here’s hoping the professionals both get our cycles perfect!

  2. Things are coming along nicely. I’m so excited for you and hopeful that only good things come from all the drugs and monitoring. I’ve always second guessed the timing of my ovulation in comparison with the RE estimation of my ovulation. Best of luck on Wednesday!

  3. Shitty about the UTI recurrence. I’ve got UTI-like symptoms right now too. Don’t worry about ovulating too early. Your doctors wouldn’t jeopardize the success of your retrieval. I was worried before mine too, but it was fine. Good luck with your retrieval. Make sure you have lots of Gatorade and chicken soup for your recovery. And fiber. Lots of Metamucil. That was the worst part of the egg retrieval for me- trying to poop afterwards was so painful because my large intestine curls around my swollen ovaries- so when that poop rounded the corner, it was strangling my left ovary.

    • Oh my gosh… These UTIs are taking over the world! I hope you feel better soon.

      Thanks for the recommendations! I didn’t even think of that. Metamucil is definitely on the shopping list now. I actually had chicken soup on there already, but I didn’t consider Gatorade. This is why I love blogging!

      • Yeah damn UTIs are the worst. Also don’t be afraid to ask for more anaesthetic during your egg retrieval. For the first ovary, I swear I could feel almost every puncture, and started crying in pain. Then they increased the dose in my IV and I was on cloud 9. Lol. Good luck!!!! We will be thinking of you two!

  4. You’re getting so close! Woo hoo! I’m so sorry that you had to return to the ER for your UTI. 😦 I hope you’re feeling better now despite the bloating. I hear you about the anxiety. I hope the Ganirelix does the trick! You are in my thoughts!

  5. I would love to tell you not to worry, that everything will be perfect, but that’s not life and I know you know that. I know for a fact the trigger makes me ovulate AF around 24-30 hours. I hope in your case that it does not and everything DOES go smoothly. You’ve had a very rough IVF cycle so far and I’m sorry it just keeps getting more stressful. I look forward to the updates about retrieval and egg/embro quality. Wishing you lots of sanity and luck! XO

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