Follicle Scan #2

Today’s scan went well. My lining is apparently “perfect”–something about 3 lines. I don’t know what it means, but the doctor was quite pleased.

I’m 5 days into the stims. At the moment, we have 7 contenders on the left and 5 on the right. The largest on both sides are just a smidge under 16 mm, and the smallest are about 11.

According to the doctor, we’re looking at retrieval on Wednesday, which is two days earlier than the calendar suggested. I’ll have a follow up on Monday morning, and they’ll decide for sure then.

They were all so happy and kept telling me how great everything looks. I’m starting to get excited, but I’m afraid to get too excited. I’m really looking forward to Monday’s scan with my regular doctor. I think I’ll feel better once I talk to her.

So, we continue with the reduced dosage of the drugs through the weekend, and I will try to stop worrying about everything that can go wrong from here out. It would be great if there was a switch I could flip on my brain for a few days. In lieu of that, I’ve banned myself from Google and message boards.

Happy weekend, everyone!


7 thoughts on “Follicle Scan #2

  1. Yay! I went early for retrieval too! Here’s to overachieving pcos ovaries! So glad it’s going well! I’m so excited for you!

  2. Sounds like you’re right on target. Good work banning yourself from research. 🙂 I’ll be doing IVF this month (if ever CD1 arrives) and hope to do as well as you’re doing.

    Good luck!

  3. The banning is a good idea. I’ve restricted myself to no google and only two specific threads in one message forum: cycle buddies and one for my clinic. I’m trying hard to stay away from the negative posts, but we all know it’s inevitable in this game. Hope everything continues to go smoothly for you.

  4. Woo hoo! Callie went in about 3 days earlier than they had said, so sounds like everything is going very well! So excited for u guys! And don’t think negative lady! 2 days early for retrieval is a positive thing! Those eggies are doing what they should be doing…

  5. The 3 lines is called (not sure about the spelling) tri-luminal. They said mine was too 😀 Doctor described it as a hamburger lol, my acupuncturist today described it as a jam sandwich (fertility stuff and the food references again!). Here’s hoping we both end up with feasts rather than famines! Hoping my IUI will be tomorrow.

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