Follicle Scan

This afternoon, I had my first follicle scan since starting the IVF cocktail. It went well enough, I suppose.

I’ve had 3 nights of stims so far and my largest follicle is already 13mm. There are about 4 more also in the double digits and another 4 or 5 in the 9s. Apparently this morning’s blood work revealed that my levels are also on the high side at the moment. There is some concern that I am over responding to the drugs.

The doctor I saw today wanted to decrease my dosage of Follistim but increase my dose of Menopur so that the smaller follicles will continue to mature. My nurse ended up texting my doctor (on vacation) to get her input. In the end, my doctor decided to decrease my Follistim to 75 iu and keep the Menopur the same (1 vial). Tomorrow, I will add the Ganirelix to keep me from ovulating.

It feels a little bit like this is IVF on fast forward. Of course, my doctor said from the beginning that she expected me to respond well to the drugs.

I’ll be back for another scan on Friday afternoon with the same doctor I saw today. It makes me a little uneasy that I have two doctors disagreeing on meds, but I’m going to put my faith in my own doctor. She’s been seeing me since January–she’s got a little bit more insight than the guy I saw today.

So that’s that. I feel a little weird about it all, but I can’t really say exactly why. I think I expected to see more follicles, I guess, but it’s also early on in the stims. It just seems like the big guys are getting big fast and maybe the little guys won’t have time to catch up. Catch keeps telling me that all we need is one, but I don’t agree. For what we’re spending on all of this, I’m really hoping to be able to put some of these puppies on ice.

I don’t know. What do you guys think?


7 thoughts on “Follicle Scan

  1. 10 good looking follicles 3 days in is great! I didn’t take any menopur at all so I don’t know how it differs from follistim but I think it’s sounding good. And as long as you don’t have just one leading, you should be good!

  2. You seem like you’re responding well to the stims. I had less than you to begin with and all of mine came right at the last two or three days. Don’t worry about it. They will tweak it as necessary and you will end up with lots to work with.

  3. That sounds like agood number of follicles. Callie didnt have many the first check-up (about 5-6) but by the end we had 17, fertilized 13 and were able to implant 2 and freeze 7! So your numbers so far sound good! Having some on ice is the best way, but you get what you can, ya know?

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