IVF Appointment # 1

Here’s the short story:

  1. Blood was drawn—they will call with results this afternoon and if everything looks good, we’re set to go.
  2. The endometrial activation / uterine scratch was as painful as it sounds, but thankfully the pain was temporary. I feel fine today.
  3. I have 18 antral follicles on each ovary right now for a total of 36. (Hello, polycystic ovaries!) I found an interesting explanation of the significance of antral follicles in IVF here, for anyone who’s interested.
  4. Due to the high number of follicles, my doctor believes that I will respond strongly to meds, so she’s starting me on low doses: 100IU of Follistim and 1 vial of Menopur daily, beginning Sunday.
  5. Next week, I go in on Wednesday & Friday in the morning for blood work and in the afternoon for ultrasounds. My doctor will be away, so these will be with a new doctor—the first time I’ve seen anyone else since we started using this clinic in January. I’m a bit nervous about that, but my doctor reassured me that he will be in contact with her and that she will be the one calling the shots. She will be back in plenty of time for the last follow-ups and egg retrieval the week of the 25th.
  6. We have 30 pages of forms to sign and return at my appointment next Wednesday. I got a hand cramp after signing two pages worth. Yeesh.

It’s a bit surreal, really. I’m starting to feel the vaguest twinges of something—excitement, maybe? It’s too soon to say. Hopefully these next few hormone-free days will clear the emotional fog.

I’m 3 days into the pre-cycle Circle + Bloom IVF sessions. So far, I’m enjoying them. If nothing else, they force me to lie down and focus on relaxing for 15 minutes or so. Sometimes I can feel it making a difference and sometimes I find myself getting distracted, but so far it still feels worth it.

We have four peaceful days left until all hell breaks loose and our lives start to revolve around needles and ultrasounds. As anxious as I am to get this show on the road, I’m going to do my very best to soak up every drop of sanity between now and Sunday.


4 thoughts on “IVF Appointment # 1

  1. I’m enjoying following you as I’m also only a few days behind you. I start stimming on Wednesday. GOOD LUCK! Here’s hoping for 3 beautiful BFPS -1 for you. 1 for me, 1 for julieanna081. 🙂

  2. You will find that u are giving yourself injections in all types of crazy places! We did them while vacationing with friends, in my parents bathroom, at the Walmart parking lot, behind a tree on a picnic, pretty much anywhere! But it’s super exciting and scary at the same time. Something about IVF seems a little more real…very excited for U guys! All the best!

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