Sunshine & Rainbows (& Sarcasm)

I allowed myself to have a cup of coffee every morning while we were camping. I also allowed myself to have a couple of drinks. Cut me some slack. We were floating on a river in 109 degree heat. Sometimes, you just need a cold beer.

I have not had coffee or alcohol since Sunday.

Having said that, the combination of no coffee + no alcohol + birth control pills is making me possibly the most miserable human being on the planet. You do not want to be within a 1-mile radius of me. I will either a) fall asleep on you or b) completely overreact to something totally minor, and do it with so much drama that everyone in the vicinity of us will think you are abusing me.

I bet you really want to be Catch right now, huh?

Although it may not seem like it, this is actually an improvement over Monday and Tuesday. Now I’m just tired and grouchy and don’t feel good, but I’m not feeling as stressed and anxious as I was on top of the present trifecta. Win!

Actually, today is the first day all week that I haven’t had a headache and needed to crawl under my desk and close my eyes at 2pm, so maybe the progress is better than I thought? I’d still love to take a nap, but I am at least physically capable of sitting upright at my desk, which is definitely an improvement over yesterday when I tucked myself into the fetal position and used the walking shoes I keep under my desk as a headrest.

I have not yet taken the time to listen to any of the Circle + Bloom sessions. I really want to, but last night I was asleep before I could even think about it, and the night before I just plain forgot. I think tonight will be the night. I’ll let you know.

My nurse called this morning to say that they weren’t thrilled with my latest glucose test and they want me to start on Glucophage XR instead of Metformin. Something about the Glucophage taking less time to build up in my system than Metformin. I start taking it tonight. One pill a day for a week, and then two pills a day after that. Fun times.

Other than that, I have now scheduled all of the schedule-able IVF appointments. Tuesday will be my last dose of birth control (HALLELUJAH!!!!) and I’ll go in for an ultrasound, mock transfer, and endometrial activation. 5 days later, I start Follistim and Menopur. Ironically, Labor Day (Sept 1) is on the calendar as a possible transfer day. Am I the only one who finds that amusing?

I am going to leave you with an adorable picture of my little hound girl Twix on our camping trip. She was perfectly content to curl up in an inner tube and take a nap.

photo 1

She also liked stealing our chairs.

photo 5

I kind of want her life.

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