Once again, my alarm awakened me from a crazy dream at 6 am. This time it was a stress dream all about work. The company had fired my best friend (in a bathroom) and was so desperate for money that we were renting out space near my office for children’s birthday parties. I was so angry that I was running throughout the office until I found a consultant who’s been working with our accounting department. In dreamland, he was a little person. I screamed at him and pulled his hair, threw a couple of very weak punches at him, and then threatened to drop kick him over the freeway.

I threatened to drop kick a midget over the freeway.

Angry much?

The night before, I was at Sea World with Robin Williams, and the night before that, I was caught in that move “The Purge” even though I’ve never seen it.

Hello, progesterone. Is it you who is messing with my head? You’re like a bad acid trip that occurs only while I’m asleep. Not that I know anything about acid trips—good or bad. I’m just guessing.

Speaking of progesterone, my nurse from the fertility clinic called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that the results from my progesterone test were “really awesome,” and she followed it up by saying that “everything looks great.” This nurse has never once used the word awesome before, let alone really awesome. I was too dumbfounded by her positivity to ask what the actual number is, so I’m just going to assume it must be better than the progesterone tests in my previous cycles.

Does anyone have any experience with “really awesome” progesterone tests? What exactly makes them really awesome as opposed to just plain old good?

I will not google. I will not google. I will not google.


10 thoughts on “ProgesterWTF

  1. Oh man, progesterone dreams sound CRAZY! I don’t know what ‘really awesome’ progesterone means in general, but for me, bad = 5, ok = 15, and good = above 20. Maybe ‘really awesome’ is in the 30’s and 40’s? When is your beta? next week?

    • Yep, beta on Monday. I’m obviously starting to get a little antsy! If nothing else, at least I can ditch these crazy dreams for a while. I don’t like being stressed in my sleep!

    • Thank you! Since Monday is technically early (12 DPO) I’m trying not to let myself test earlier than that. I think it’s going to be a rough weekend. I have a drawer FULL of wonfdos and FRERs. Maybe I can get Catch to hide them from me.

  2. We have blood test on Saturday and my dreams are getting crazier as it gets closer. The progesterone really builds up to intense, vivid dreams! I dreamed I was a personal care nurse for some old folks. It was awful and my hubby said I was talking in my sleep. Lol. Fingers crossed xx

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