Wedding Bells

Some friends of ours are getting married tonight and I realized that this is the first gay wedding Catch and I will have attended together.  I mean obviously we were at our own wedding, but not a single one of our gay friends has had a wedding until now.  That’s just crazy to me.  People need to start getting hitched, already! 

Anyway, the wedding is in Santa Barbara, so we’re spending the night at the beach.  I’m hoping that in the morning we can have a leisurely breakfast and spend some time on the sand.  Afterward, we’re meeting up with my family in Santa Monica to see my little cousin who’s visiting from Oregon and to celebrate my mom’s birthday.  It’s a very beachy weekend, and the weather is perfect for it.  Something about blue skies, palm trees and cool ocean makes all of the L.A. traffic seem worth it.  Temporarily, anyway.

It’s going to be a whirlwind of a weekend, and that’s just how I like it. Keeping busy during the tww.

Have I mentioned that if we conceive this cycle, our due date will be April 1st?  I have a friend with an April Fool’s Day birthday.  Her name is April.  Creative, eh?

My parents are watching the dogs while we’re gone tonight, and my mom decided to take them to work with her today.  Office dogs.  Are they cute or what?  IMG_0035

Rolo is curled up in his big bed, and Twix is sitting on the blanket being a pain in the ass. I asked mom if they’re working hard or hardly working and she replied, “Roly is on break.  Twix is reading to me from the words inside her head.”  Hounds, man.  They like to talk.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

  1. We have never been to a gay wedding other than our own either (and we see ourselves as pretty straight lol). We were invited to two gay/queer weddings last year on the same day as my cousin’s wedding out of state so missed our chance. Need to make more gay friends I guess. Hope you had a blast!

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