Four Hours

The first IUI of this cycle is less than 4 hours away. It’s both too soon and not soon enough. Part of me wants to hurry up and get a move on, and part of me wants absolutely nothing to do with the two week wait. Really, I would prefer to hang out right here on the cusp of possibility for a while. Or forever.

I’m trying to be excited. I want to be excited. It’s hard, though. We’ve been here before, and our excitement has only ended in tears. Of course, I could have said the same thing about relationships prior to meeting Catch. You just never know when one is going to stick, do you? All you can do is have faith and keep putting yourself out there.

Here we go again.

Please let this be the one.


10 thoughts on “Four Hours

  1. Fingers crossed that you have all the luck this cycle! It’s hard to hold on to excitement when you know what a let down it can be. I survive by not thinking about it until testing time! Lol

    • I haven’t perfected there art of not thinking about it yet. So far my best defense is just keeping busy. I hope to be really really really busy for the next two weeks! 🙂

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