Plus the health, minus the fun

Can I just say how absolutely not fun it is to be planning a 4th of July menu that provides everyone with your favorite sangria except you? It is SO. NOT. FUN.

I am tired of limbo-land. No coffee because you’re trying to get pregnant. No wine because you might be pregnant. What if what if what if…


I know this makes me sound like a raging alcoholic. I promise I’m not. It’s just that when I host a damn party, I need my adult beverages to keep me from going into anxiety overdrive.

I also might really need want a glass of wine after a bad day at work. It makes me a better person. I swear. My wife is grateful for wine. I miss wine.

Also? I really, really miss coffee. Herbal tea is not coffee. Decaf is not coffee, either. Damn you, decaf. You are more deceitful than artificial sweetener.

This is where my head is today. I’m a resentful, chemical-free, unaltered mess. Although I guess you can’t call someone on fertility drugs unaltered.

Whatever. Pass me my water.


5 thoughts on “Plus the health, minus the fun

  1. I feel you! My doctor told me a glass of coffee a day was fine. He also told me I could drink until my tww results come in, but I just don’t feel comfortable with that.

  2. I switched to decaf years ago due to another medical issue and I’m so glad I did. My body hates caffeine now, coffee is especially upsetting. It sucks to deny ourselves our favorite things but our future pregnant selves will thank us. Hug

  3. It doesn’t make you sound like an alcoholic at all. All I wanted for 37 weeks was a nice dark delicious beer. I still haven’t had one yet, but I did buy some Murphy’s today. 🙂

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