Countdowns Galore

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe in 2007

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe in 2007

This time tomorrow, we’ll be well on our way to our campground at the the north end of Lake Tahoe along the Truckee River—about a 7-hour drive. I can’t even express how badly needed this trip is. We’ve had so much stress in our lives the past few months—the two of us alone in the woods with no dogs and no responsibilities is going to be medicinal. We have a brand new tent, the truck is mostly packed, the grocery shopping is done, and I am counting down the minutes.

We’ve made a decision about how we’re going to proceed with our next cycle. After much consideration and some input from trusted loved ones, we’re going to try one more cycle of IUI and add the injectables. It’s not a decision we came to lightly, and honestly, it’s not even the decision I thought we’d make. Before we met with our RE, I really thought I wanted to go straight for IVF.

Our logic is pretty simple. Although we’ve been through 3 IUI cycles at this stage, only two of them were medicated, and only two of them benefited from my dramatic (if I do say so myself) weight loss and lifestyle changes. I feel like my body deserves another shot at IUI before I put it through the extremes of IVF.

There were other considerations, too—albeit not as weighted as the reasons above. The timing for IVF would have been awful unless we delayed it another couple of months. Our RE wanted me on BCP for a month with the actual IVF cycle to follow with my August cycle. That’s totally normal and expected, but would have put all of the nitty gritty IVF stuff right in Catch’s first couple of weeks back in the classroom after summer break. She’d have no flexibility, and our RE is a good hour away from her school.

I feel like one more round of IUI also gives us a bit more flexibility for the future. There is somewhat less finality to it. It still leaves us with half of the savings we have left, and while it wouldn’t be easy, it also wouldn’t take me forever to recoup the money we invest in this cycle if it fails. My car will be paid off in January and that will give us a bit more financial freedom as well. It would still give us a shot at IVF somewhere in the future if we decided that’s what we want.

If things stay on track, my period should start sometime on Friday or Saturday. I’m hoping for Saturday because the timing will be better for the baseline ultrasound, but I can’t control my period any better than I can control the weather.

I hope we’ve made the right call. I hope that starting this cycle on the heels of a week of fresh air, campfires, hikes, and alone time will give it an edge that our other cycles were missing. If everything goes according to the same kind of timing we’ve had the past few months, our test date this round will be right around our anniversary. I’d love to think there’s some meaning in that, while simultaneously being sick of sign searching. It’s like symptom spotting, only worse.

I hope everyone has a relaxing, hope-filled week while I’m away.


4 thoughts on “Countdowns Galore

  1. I’m very glad you’ve made a decision you feel good about. I can’t imagine having to make that decision myself. I already am having a hard time making a basic decision (ICI vs IUI, I think ICI is what we’re going to do). Enjoy your vacation. 🙂

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