Maybe Not


After Chinese take out and a vodka tonic with my mom last night, I felt like crap. I desperately wanted to get my ass on the treadmill, but me + vodka + treadmill = let’s not tempt fate. Instead, I resolved to get up early this morning and go for a run out in the real world before work. We live in a triplex, so I can’t very well be stomping on the treadmill at 5:30 am.

As I tossed and turned trying to get myself to sleep, I imagined that a 5:30 am run was the solution to all of my problems. I’d start the day with some quality alone time and some good music, and I’d emerge feeling energized and ready to tackle the day. Maybe this could become a regular thing. It would sure take the pressure off of the evenings if I could get my workout in at the beginning of the day. Yes! That’s a great plan! 5:30 runs every day from now on!

My alarm went off at 5:30. I wanted to choke it, but you can’t choke an iPhone, apparently. You can only throw it.

At 5:40, I felt guilty because my alarm had awakened the dogs and Catch, and they sure as hell didn’t need to be up so early. It was guilt that dragged my sleepy rear end out of bed and toward the general direction of my sports bra and running shoes.

5 minutes later, I was stretching on our front steps with Tom Petty in my ear. This is gonna be great.

I ran. Cool morning air. Quiet neighborhood. Grey sky as the sun rises. Honestly, it was great.

It was great until I got home and realized that I couldn’t just throw myself onto the couch and spend the rest of the day being a vegetable. I had to shower. I had to get ready for work. I had to be a functioning member of society.

I did not feel energized. I felt even more exhausted than when I started. Plus, I’m not used to running on concrete and my hips freaking HURT.

Now that the day is in progress, I regret not turning off my alarm and getting some extra sleep. At least then my eyes wouldn’t feel like sandpaper and I wouldn’t be popping Advil like it’s candy.

I’m thinking the 5:30 am run is going to be the exception rather than the rule. But hey, at least I tried.

Dear Early Morning Run,

We can’t keep doing this.  It’s not you, it’s me.


Not a Morning Person

4 thoughts on “Maybe Not

  1. Not trying to be a buzzkill but advil isn’t safe while pregnant or ttc. The doctor should have told you that. It’s really important to stop taking it immediately and only use tylenol as a last resort.

    • Vodka isn’t great for TTC, either. We’re taking the month off–a couple of Advil aren’t going to kill me. It’s more important to me right now that I can sit at work and not be in pain, and all we have in the office is advil. I’m not taking it regularly, although I was actually advised to TAKE ibuprofen prior to and after my HSG test last week.

      • I just know it interferes with ovulation. So i’m not sure when it should be cut off. I didn’t risk it during my month off but I didn’t do the hsg which sounds really not fun. So that makes sense to have an anti-inflammatory for.

  2. Sometimes if you’re not used to moving much in the morning, you could just start out with a walk. It gives you the space and quiet and movement without wearying you too much. Then start running for 30-60sec intervals after a week or two of that. It’ll be less of a shock to your system.

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