In Search of Happy

My first instinct this morning was to vent. I am so overwhelmed and frustrated and tired and depressed and just DONE with it all, BUT I am trying to get my head out of that place. Here’s a list of happy things instead.

  1. I have a triple grande soy latte sitting in front of me. It is my second one this week, and it is heavenly. I haven’t had coffee for so long, but I decided my birthday week counts as an exception. Especially since we’re sitting out this cycle.
  2. It’s casual day at the office and I am wearing a new shirt that Catch got me for my birthday. She picked it out all by herself and I actually like it. I’m totally impressed. She also got me some great new running gear. I really need to get back at it so I can wear some of it!
  3. I get to go out with my mom tonight. We’ve got tickets to see A Prairie Home Companion (again) at the Greek Theater (one of my favorite theaters in LA—it’s outdoors and in the middle of Griffith Park). I’m looking forward to a picnic dinner, some overpriced theater wine and a giant bag of kettle corn.
  4. twix_gamesThe Basset Hound Rescue Spring Games is tomorrow. It essentially a big fundraiser festival at a park. There are lots of booths and vendors and such, but the best part is the “games.” Last year, Twix won a blue ribbon for the “swimming” competition. Picture a ring full of baby swimming pools filled with a few inches of water. Whichever hound will stay in the pool the longest wins the prize. There is also a howling competition, a drooling contest, and all sorts of silly stuff. You just have to imagine 50+ basset hounds all in one place competing in this nonsense. It’s fantastic.


    That’s Twix at the end of the black leash–ready to jump right in!

  5. My two best work friends are taking me out to lunch today for my birthday. I don’t know how I’d manage without the two of them to help me keep my head on straight. They mean so much to me.

My Roly bear. Love this little dude.

In less happy news, my handsome little hound boy, Rolo is headed to the vet this morning. They’re going to put him under to do a nasal endoscopy. He’s had recurrent issues with his nose and it’s causing him quite a bit of pain. Our vet finally said that she’s not comfortable treating him any further without us seeing a specialist and having the endoscopy. She thinks it’s cancer, and all we can do is hope with every fiber of our being that she’s wrong. The universe is not allowed to add a cancer diagnosis to this crappy week. It’s just not.


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