The Fog – 5 DPIUI

First off, welcome to my new spot on the internet. I like my little WordPress blog so far, but I’m still working on getting my stupid gravatar thingy to link to the right blog. I have an old WordPress blog that I haven’t used in years and it wants to keep linking to that. (I think I finally figured it out.)

Today is day 5 of the progesterone supplements, and the hormonal fog has definitely settled in. I don’t feel like the same person I was on Sunday, which is a bit defeating. I’m not generally one who suffers from side effects of anything, so this is frustrating to me. Fortunately, we can see pretty clearly that it’s the supplement, and I know I’m not just going crazy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m going to watch it get closer every day.

Our blood test date with the RE is on Thursday the 29th. I’m a little freaked out about it though, because it will only be 12 days since our IUIs. The nurse scheduled it for 2 weeks from the trigger rather than 2 weeks from ovulation/insemination. I don’t really get it, but my RE wasn’t concerned when I mentioned it. So the TWW is a bit abbreviated, I suppose. Maybe that’s a good thing? I have no idea.

I’m still working on staying positive, but it’s been harder with the fog. I’ve also been having stressful awful dreams at night and sleep has been very restless as a result.

I’m ready for a vacation. A nice long relaxing getaway where I can have as many bread sticks and glasses of wine as I want. Unless this cycle works, in which case I am PERFECTLY happy to continue to be gluten and alcohol free and I won’t even complain about it anymore. Pinkie swear.

7 thoughts on “The Fog – 5 DPIUI

  1. So glad you are using WordPress! (Only because I enjoy the laziness of using my Reader). From what I understand, there should be detectable levels of hcg in your blood to confirm pregnancy by 12 dpiui, so here’s to the 1 week wait! Everything’s crossed. And lots of healing thoughts headed to your cousin.

  2. Welcome to wordpress! 🙂 so, you only have 7 days left to wait? nice! I hope you get your good news. 🙂
    I’ve never heard anything about gluten intolerance causing PCOS. I hope it works, or at least something that you’re trying works.

    • Yep, it’s a 12 day wait. Weird!
      As far as gluten goes, PCOS is associated with insulin resistance, and most gluten-heavy foods (like breadsticks! lol) are high on the glycemic index. It’s not that it causes PCOS, but supposedly it exacerbates it.

      • True. I’d avoid gluten free breads and the like too then. They’re largely rice and other simple carbs. Good luck. I hope it helps.

  3. I have taken the past couple days to read everything from Jan 2013 up until now. I am sending positive vibes your and Catch’s way! Hopefully something has stuck! Good luck 🙂

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