Wake Me When We’re in the Double Digits

It’s amazing how the two week wait messes with your head.  It all feels like an elaborate dance.


This is so not going to work.  And I’m okay with that.

But you weren’t nauseous after your last IUI—maybe it’s A Sign.

You’re not nauseous this morning, though.  It was probably nothing.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be nauseous later.

Stop contemplating when you can test.  You’re waiting until the blood test.

But 12 DPO is May third and you know how you love threes…


You're super grouchy this morning.  Maybe it’s A Sign.

You sure are tired this morning.  Maybe it’s A Sign.

You sure slept like crap last night.  Maybe it’s A Sign.

Wait.  Maybe you’re tired because you slept like crap.  Not a sign.  This totally didn’t work.


This is my brain on sperm, folks.  Who needs drugs when you can sit through a TWW?

Speaking of drugs, Catch asked me the other day if I feel like this cycle will be unsuccessful because we didn’t do the drugs.  I had to think about it for a minute, but honestly, that’s really not it.  I was upset about the cyst and the lack of clomid initially because I really didn’t think I’d ovulate without it.  In all these months of testing, it has NEVER happened apart from the clomid cycles and one cycle following clomid.  But I DID ovulate.  All on my own.  So that’s not it. 

It could be my thing about threes.  Next cycle would be our third IUI cycle.  Although technically, Tuesday was our third IUI.  (That’s crazy to me—in 14 months, we’ve managed THREE freaking IUIs? That’s it?)  I don’t really think that’s it, either.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am hopeful.  So hopeful.  I want to be wrong so badly.  I want this to be the last stop.  On my way to work, I put one hand on my belly and wished and wished until I got distracted by some asshole who cut me off. 

Anyway, it’s only day 2.  We have a long stretch of progesterone suppository-filled days ahead of us.  I wish my brain had an off switch.

3 thoughts on “Wake Me When We’re in the Double Digits

  1. You have perfectly described my expected mental state when I (finally) get to that TWW. SO not looking forward to the crazy. Hope you find distractions for the next 12 days! Thinking baby thoughts for you.

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