Here we go again

I had an 8 am appointment scheduled with the RE this morning for a follow up to see whether we had any follicle growth that could result in ovulation this week.

Yesterday, I did my OPK test in the morning like usual, and the test was significantly lighter than the day before. I was kind of bummed, and warned Catch that it just might not happen this cycle. That despite the major lifestyle changes, I might just not ovulate.

After that, I wasn’t very hopeful for this morning’s test. I did my thing and set it on the cabinet in the bathroom. After a minute or two, I noted that one line was significantly lighter than the other one and carried on getting ready for my appointment.

A few minutes later, Catch was brushing her hair while I was brushing my teeth and she said, “That line looks pretty dark, no?” I looked and did a double take. The test line was significantly darker than the control line.

Holy shit. A positive OPK and I did it all on my own with no drugs. I feel like I passed some kind of test!

So, off we went to our appointment. An ultrasound was performed. It showed that the cyst has grown from 18mm to 26mm on the left side, and the follicle on the right side was nowhere to be found, indicating that I had probably just ovulated.

Conversations were had, phone calls were made, and it was decided that they were going to thaw our sperm and do an IUI in an hour. They sent us off to have breakfast while they did what they needed to do.

We ended up walking a block down the boulevard to an IHOP. There were several classier options, but I told Catch a comfy booth, a cup of chamomile and a couple of pancakes sounded perfect. We sat there giddy and excited while we waited. Me, making arrangements for my two assistants to cover me at work, and her issuing instructions that I relax and do nothing for the next few days.

At 9:30, we headed back to the clinic for the first IUI of round 2. Prayers were prayed and wishes were wished. We do another IUI tomorrow morning, and then we wait. And wait and wait and wait.

I start progesterone suppositories on Wednesday. Then we have a progesterone test next Monday, and our official test date is Cinco de Mayo. If all goes well, we’ll have reason to celebrate. If it doesn’t, I’ll have the perfect excuse for margaritas.


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