Period Watch: (Almost) April Edition

If my last positive OPK was correct, I should be expecting my period to start sometime around the middle of the week (HUMP DAY! OMG, I love that camel commercial too much).  Fertility Friend says today is 11 DPO.  Of course, having put that in writing, it probably won’t happen.  BUT IT’S SUPPOSED TO, and that has me feeling a bit… happy.

Here we are on the last day of March.  As of today, I’ve lost 36.5 pounds.  Physically, I am feeling fantastic.  Better than I’ve felt in ages.  I am expecting to hear something about last week’s blood tests today or tomorrow. I’m still a bit concerned about the glucose test because of my family medical history, but I know that no matter what the result is it’ll be better than it would have been back in November.

In short: Bring on the clomid, please! We are ready! I am dying to order those vials of sperm so I can stop obsessively checking our (determined, hard-working and gregarious) donor’s supply.  (I do love those donor summaries!)

Baby making aside, we had a lovely day on Saturday wine tasting with my mom in Santa Maria.  My mom came home with 2 cases of wine, and we came home with about a case. I’m hoping that the fact that we just spent a fortune on wine means that I jinxed myself and I will totally get pregnant this cycle so I can’t drink any of it. 


Me in the vineyard at Kenneth Volk

Enjoying a bottle with our picnic lunch at Foxen

I took a similar picture the last time we were at Cambria Vineyards… I just can't resist this little spot. It's perfect.

On Sunday, I saw Divergent (loved the book and liked the movie) with my parents at a new theater by their house with the most wonderful reclining seats ever.  I’m not sure if I can go back to a regular movie theater now that I’ve been there. 


I hope this week brings good things to everyone. I am thinking good thoughts for all of us. 

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