I left work early yesterday because I was starting to feel sore from the accident and I was totally exhausted from the rush of adrenaline.  I crashed HARD.

As I walked to the parking structure, an unwelcome thought popped into my head.  Bad things happen in threes.  The accident was one.  What would the remaining two be?  Would one of them be a failed IUI?

As I drove home, Catch texted me to tell me that one of her sister's horses had been found dead in their meadow.  It was sudden and unexpected.  At the time, we weren't sure which horse it had been, but the evening revealed that it was my favorite horse, Cher. 

Cherface4 copy

Don't get me wrong–her other two horses are nice enough, but they're shy.  Not the biggest fans of people.  Cher was a people horse.  She wanted to be a part of the action.  If you let her, she'd walk right into the house. 

Cher could smell an apple or a carrot from half a mile away.Her personality was bigger than she was. 


Cher, you will be missed. 

After the news of Cher, I logged on to facebook to learn that the basset rescue group we work with lost little Spotty yesterday.  He'd been ill for a few weeks but was totally rebounding.  It was very unexpected.  So sad.  Poor little Spotty.  I'm just thankful that he had a great foster home in his last days. 


So there's our three bad things.  We're done, now.  No need for any more bad.  We're pushing it all aside in favor of thinking positive, cell multiplying thoughts. 

We will now resume our regularly scheduled State of Fertility Address.


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