The (First) TWW – Day 2

Will someone please tell me how the hell you’re supposed to
concentrate on ANYTHING during the two week wait? 

My poor assistant was in my office this morning talking
about the French classes she’s starting tonight, and I have no idea how long
she’d been talking to me before I realized that I hadn’t heard a single word
she’d said. 

It’s going to be a LONG two weeks if I don’t get my head on

The hardest part of this wait is that we know the odds are
not in our favor.  Even with the drugs, I
still only had one follicle.  The IUI
gives us roughly a 15% chance of conception, but PCOS also gives me a
significantly increased chance of miscarriage. 
I feel like our odds would be better at a blackjack table in Vegas.   

My adorable wife started a baby board on Pinterest filled
with a bunch of ridiculously adorable things that are somehow even MORE
adorable because she’s the one who picked them out. 

Have I mentioned that if this cycle works, my due date would
be the day after our anniversary?  (Also
the day before my dad’s birthday.)

I’m trying so hard not to get carried away, but man it’s
difficult.  I spent a good half hour just
pulling up pictures of redheaded babies online. 
(I’m a redhead and so is our donor.)

Two weeks. 12 more days.  I need to put someone in charge of
keeping me busy and distracted as hell. 
Patience may well be a virtue, but it’s not one of mine. 


2 thoughts on “The (First) TWW – Day 2

  1. Good luck distracting yourself through the tww! My advice would be give yourself time to think about it. Hope, wish and dream and then put it back on the shelf until the next time you let yourself think about it, google baby pics or admire your wife’s pins.

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