30 September

I wrote a whole post blathering on about how much I hate October. I have my reasons—very good ones, in fact, but I’m not going to go there.

I have to to get my head out of this negative place. I need to look a little harder and find my inner Pollyanna. (Man, I loved that movie when I was a kid.)

Let’s play the glad game. Here are 10 things I’m “glad” for right now:

  1. My wife—my rock, and my best friend. I am so exceedingly lucky to have her in my corner.
  2. Cooler weather!
  3. Online shopping
  4. Filtered water
  5. My mom has made it safely from Los Angeles to New Jersey to Dublin and now to Versailles. Only 9 more days until she is HOME.
  6. We’re spending the weekend at Disneyland
  7. Audiobooks. They make trafic bearable. I just finished Gone Girl (eh—way too long) and I’m moving on to The Fault in Our Stars.
  8. Knitting. Even if I’ve spent more time carrying it around with me than I have actually knitting, I am so grateful for this hobby.
  9. Hand lotion—the air is so dry right now that without my trusty bottle of Aveeno, I would turn to cardboard.
  10. Light blonde leg hair. I’m wearing cropped pants today and I was too lazy toforgot to shave this morning.

It’s not a very deep list, but it’s a start. Happy Monday. Happy last day of September. May October prove me wrong this year.

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