Desperately Seeking Change

It’s mid-September and the late afternoon light is changing
from harsh white to more golden yellow. 
When I leave the office in the afternoon, leaves are crunching beneath
my heels.  Traffic is worse with all of
the kids back to school. When I found myself in desperate need of a swim suit
the other day, all the stores had to offer were sweaters and boots. 

The signs of Fall are everywhere, but the weather has yet to
get the hint.  It was over 100 degrees
yesterday—and the day before that—and the day before that.  Our air conditioning has been running
non-stop for weeks along with every fan in the house.

I am so, so tired of it. 
They say that Los Angeles doesn’t have seasons, but they lie.  We do. 
They may not be as extreme as seasons elsewhere, but we see the change
of light and we feel the change of air. 
We just don’t have to worry about ice scrapers and snow boots.  I appreciate that. 

I am a fan of change. 
I love changes in weather—changes in scenery—changes in nail
polish.  I just don’t have the patience
to WAIT for change.  When I am ready for
change to happen, I want it to happen right now.  Yesterday, even. 

I am so tired of waiting. 
This shift of seasons is a metaphor for my whole life, lately.  Hanging in there.  Doing what we can to stay comfortable.  Watching. 

I had the urge to pick up my knitting needles on Saturday.  Instead of working on some almost-forgotten  work in progress, I grabbed my circular
needles and a ball of something deslightfully squishy, cast on 64 stitches and
was knitting a baby hat before I even realized what I was doing. 


I have always had a thing for baby hats, but I haven’t
knitted a single one since we decided to start trying back in February.  I just couldn’t do it.  I am tired of knitting tiny, adorable things
for other people to put on their tiny, adorable offspring. 

I'm not sure what will become of this little hat.  Maybe I'll save it for my pregnant cousin's shower.  Maybe I'll save it for my pregnant co-worker's shower.  Maybe if I sleep with it under my pillow, the baby fairy will take it in exchange for an infant.

I am so ready for a change.

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