Road Trip – In a Nutshell

I could write a book about our recent road trip.  Having a July anniversary has given us an excuse for some fantastic summer vacations. This wasn't an Alaskan cruise, but it was still a fantastic way to mark the 5 year anniversary of our (real) wedding (also the 8 year anniversary of our first date.)

We left on Friday afternoon and made it all the way from California, through Nevada, a snippet of Arizona and into Richfield Utah that night.  We had a less than mediocre anniversary dinner at an Applebee's in some random little town in Utah around 9 pm. Oddly enough, it's not the first time we've had a less than mediocre anniversary dinner at Applebee's in some random little town off a highway around 9 pm.  

After day 1, things improved dramatically and we found ourselves here:

RoadTrip2013 - 013

(Spotted Wolf Canyon, Utah)

And then finally, here–my sister in law's ranch house near Fort Collins, CO:


RoadTrip2013 - 111

RoadTrip2013 - 312

This guy's name is Phil.  He cracke me up.  If 80s hair bands were comprised of chickens, Phil would have found his calling for sure.

RoadTrip2013 - 126

RoadTrip2013 - 103

I love it there because I get to dote on the horses… it's all my little girl fantasises come true!


We left Fort Collins a few days later and headed through Wyoming and into Hill City South Dakota.  

We saw the Crazy Horse Monument

RoadTrip2013 - 527

Mount Rushmore 


We rode the "1880s Train" (pretty self explanatory)

RoadTrip2013 - 793

Saw a gazillion deer everywhere we went

RoadTrip2013 - 787

RoadTrip2013 - 683'

Had a few drinks…


Visited Sturgis just a few days shy of Bike Week (I didn't feel out of place AT ALL)


And finally, hit the road again toward home, stopping along the way in…

RoadTrip2013 - 842

For a night of camping here:


Under these:

RoadTrip2013 - 870

RoadTrip2013 - 890

I'd say we have a knack for taking some pretty fantastic trips.  



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