Turn That Frown Upside Down

Fortunately, my doctor made me feel immensely better yesterday because a) I am still bleeding, and b) Catch would surely kill me if my mood stayed where it was. I believe it was lingering somewhere near the South Pole.

According to my REAL doctor and not Dr. Google, M.D., the bleeding is nothing to be overly concerned about and is likely a result of a previous anovulatory cycle. She said she COULD stop it with progesterone, but since she knows we’re trying, she opted to let it run its course so as not to mess with my system any more than we need to. If I’m still bleeding in 2 weeks, she said we’ll revisit that. In the meantime, I ride it out and go in on day 3 of my NEXT cycle for a gamut of bloodwork which will now be covered by my insurance since it falls under the code, “ridiculously prolonged and inconvenient unexplained bleeding” rather than “fertility.”

In regards to my lack of ovulation, I was told “If you have to have a problem with infertility, that’s the one to have.” She seemed confident that it wasn’t going to be a major issue, and that we’ll throw drugs at it and all will be well. Fingers crossed that she’s right.

So, back to the waiting game. Yay.

For a bit of perspective, one of my friends told me at lunch today that she has a friend who’s been actively trying to get pregnant for 7 years. Holy hell. Poor woman.

Catch has a surprise up her sleeve for tonight, and I am once again reminded that I need to sit back and appreciate how lucky I am.


One thought on “Turn That Frown Upside Down

  1. My WordPress reader doesn’t like your blog, so I’ve missed the period from hell… I can’t imagine bleeding for two weeks, and hope that you’ve used every day as an excuse to wear comfortable pants and eat chocolate (not that excuses are needed for either).
    I think that our bodies know when we start trying to TTC and start doing wacky things– it seems to be a pretty common experience, unfortunately. Hope that the next cycle is a lot smoother!

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