Foster Hound



This is our newest foster dog, Gidget.

I am enamored with this sweet little pup.  If we were ever to become foster failures,
little Gidget would be the one.

Unfortunately, the sweetheart is very, very sick.  She was just spayed and has 17 staples in her
belly, but she also has the worst case of kennel cough I’ve ever
experienced.  It’s awful.  She was already skin & bones when she
came into the rescue, but she hasn’t been able to eat much of anything since
Friday and she is truly wasting away.

Yesterday, she spent the entire day asleep on our bed.  We had to carry her outside to go potty, and
bring her little water dish to her.  She
had absolutely no energy to walk around. 
I knew that she needed some nutrition if she’s ever going to get better,
so I resorted to taking some cooked stew meat and coating it in the bacon
grease left in the skillet from the BLTs we had for dinner. 

What dog would turn its nose up at beef coated in bacon
grease, right?

Apparently a very, very sick little Gidget can.

Think some good thoughts for this little one.  She already has an adoptive family lined up,
but she has to get better first.


One thought on “Foster Hound

  1. Poor puppy! I hope that Gidget feels better soon.
    I fostered cats for years (we just stopped to focus more on the fetus at hand), and the most rewarding part was always helping them get better.

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