To quote one of the donor profiles we were considering, “the
minutia of daily life” has been pretty stressful of late. Work is insane for
both of us. The house is a mess, and the laundry is never ending.  It feels like there’s no time for anything,
but the reality is that when we do have down time, we just plant ourselves on
the couch in front of the television.

In general, we’ve both been feeling a bit down.  Throughout our relationship, we have always
relied on each other to help pull the other out of a funk. When I’m feeling out
of control, Catch finds a way to get me into the garden or out with my camera where
she knows I’m happy.  When Catch is
feeling down, I give myself a wake up call and just try harder to be a good
wife—whether that means unexpectedly doing the dishes or setting the dining
room table, cooking a real dinner and opening a bottle of wine. 

Point being that it’s unusual for us BOTH to be in this grey
area at the same time and we are both grasping at straws to try to bring
ourselves out of the gloom and into the beautiful spring sunshine. 

I know it’s temporary. Soon, she’ll have a month off from
teaching, and I will have hired another person for my team at the office and
some of the pressure will be relieved.  In
the meantime, we’re instituting, Get Out and Do Something Alone Together That
Does Not Involve Sitting in a Restaurant Tuesdays.

So far, our list of possibilities includes:

  • mini golf
  • wiffle ball at the park
  • bowling (Catch started looking at lesbian
    bowling leagues, but I’m about as likely to join a bowling league as I am to
    join her softball team)
  • batting cages
  • a movie (we NEVER go to the movies and have
    amassed a collection of gift cards)
  • pool, although I am so terrible at it that I
    have been known to send balls flying across the room
  • an excursion to the used book store by our house
    that I have always wanted to go to, but never have
  • one of the shows at the Samuel Oschin
    at the Griffith Park Observatory (tickets are only $7—not too

I like our list so far. It may seem a bit boring and
predictable, but honestly? We’re pretty boring and predictable. I’m just
looking forward to spending some time with my wife. I can already see some
sunshine peeking through.


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