And We’re Off

I finally went to the gyno this morning for my first pelvic exam in WAAAAAAAAY too long.  I was absolutely terrified.  

Catch came with me so we could address the baby "stuff" and everything went wonderfully.  She signed our medical clearance form that the clinic who will be performing the IUIs requires, and sent us on our way with a smile and the hope that the next time she sees me, I'm pregnant.  She made me/us feel so comfortable about everything.  

She told me that I should start testing with ovulation prediction kits (OPKs) 10 days after my next period, which should be any day now.  I went on Amazon just now and ordered the OPKs and some pregnancy tests for good measure. 

Soon, I will have PREGNANCY TESTS in my posession. Surreal.

After my purchase, Amazon's social sharing element popped up with this:

They'll have to excuse me if I don't post this particular purchase on Facebook.

PS – I feel like we're beyond the "Baby? Maybe?" category, so I added a plain old TTC category.  Holy hell.  Off we go!


2 thoughts on “And We’re Off

  1. Good luck! New reader here…found you off Mama Karma, although I also know the person that commented here prior to me as well 🙂 It’s funny how much we have in common- redheaded Gemini lesbians unite!

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