Goodbye February

Hello, March.  I am so
happy to see you—and even happier to see your blue skies and sunshine.

Much as I love winter, it does wear on me after a
while.  I am very much a person who needs
the outdoors.  I need the grass and the
air and the sunshine.  It fills me up and
gives me so much peace.

I am happy to leave the gloom and moodiness of February
behind, but not without noting (for my own future reference) that it’s really
not such a bad month.  At least not when
you can look back at the wonderful things it was filled with.

In February, we:

Camped at El Capitan.

Attended a seminar about starting a family

Celebrated Valentine’s Day quietly at home with cheese
fondue, chocolate fondue and a nice bottle of wine

I finished re-listening to the Hunger Games series, listened
to Beautiful Ruins (LOVE), and started re-listening to the Harry Potter series
(second time around)

I finished knitting a scarf with yarn I bought in Boston a
few years ago

Photo 1

Had dinner with my parents—my mom made my grandma’s
meatloaf, and it was perfect

We both went to the dentist—huge because I HATE the dentist,
and this was Catch’s first visit in almost 10 years

We took in another foster dog, Buttercup and then watched a
bit over a week later as she was adopted into a forever home

Photo 2

I went wine tasting with my mom and had an amazing time–we're well stocked on wine for a while.

Photo 4

So even though February had me feeling lazy and lethargic, when it came to the important stuff–the actual living versus the work and the chores–I can honestly say that we lived.

I'm going to kick March off with a lounge chair, a glass of wine, and some 80+ degree sunshine.  HELLO, March!


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