I’ve had two dreams about my grandfather (Pappy) over the
course of the past 3 nights.  It’s pretty
random.  Pappy has been gone for a few
years, now, and I wasn’t terribly close to him in the few years prior to his

In one of my dreams, we were swimming in a lake.  He was old and frail in the dream, and all of
a sudden, he plummeted to the bottom of the lake and made no attempts to bring
himself back to the surface.  I panicked
thinking we’d lost him, but the next thing I knew, I was under water with my
eyes open staring at him on the bottom. He was sitting in a wheelchair. Then,
he reached his arm out to me and I pulled him to the surface and to the
shore.  And he was fine.

Then last night, I dreamed that I was in the woods somewhere
camping with my father and Pappy.  We
were in a grassy clearing and it was dusk. 
I don’t remember much, but in the dream, I spotted some sort of red
beetle.  It flew toward us and landed
behind me.  Pappy reached over to stomp
on it with his foot and it flew up behind me and got caught in the area behind
my neck that was covered by my hair.  I
woke with a start, as if I was jumping away from the beetle in my dream.

It’s odd.  I’m not
sure why my dead grandfather has been taking the stage in my subconscious.  I wish he was here, though.  If I focus, I can still hear him greet me
with a booming, “Hi, baby!”

Hi, Pappy.   

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