El Capitan

I'm still waiting to feel 100% human again–this cold has really kicked my butt, and I'd be happy to wean myself off of the box of tissues any day now.  

Fortunately, the sickness didn't stop us from going camping this weekend.  We were going to cancel, but I told Catch that there wasn't much difference between me being home sick on the couch or sitting in front of a nice warm campfire with my tissues.  

I am so glad we went.  I needed this trip so badly.  I didn't even realize how badly I needed it.


We chose site 81, opting for priivacy rather than an ocean view.  It was fine with me because it forced us to go on some fantastic walks to enjoy the ocean.


El Capitan State Beach is one of my all time favorite weekend camping spots.  Close enough for a weekend, but with scenery that makes you feel away.

We enjoyed our campfires… especially Rolo because he was COLD. He's really not the biggest fan of camping.  




We walked for miles–it was so beautiful I could have kept going forever…





I think I wouldn't mind living inside one of these photos forever…






We spent a good hour sitting in front of a fire trying to figure out when we could go back.  I hope it's soon.  


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