This morning, I would love nothing more than to crawl back
under the covers with the puppies who kept me up half the night with their
on-the-bed, off-the-bed antics and sleep until noon.  Or ten. 
Or at all. 

It feels like there’s not enough coffee on the planet to get
me through this work day.  Fortunately,
it’s a short week.  What feels like
Tuesday is actually Wednesday—24 hours closer to the weekend. 

I’ve been feeling impatient with life, lately.  In general, it feels like everything I want
at this stage in my life is just beyond arm’s reach.  I know that everything happens for a
reason.  All of the financial setbacks we’ve
had lately were important in the big picture. 
I’m ok with that.  I’m just
antsy.  Antsy to know what the next thing
is.  Antsy to see where it’s all leading
us.  Wishing for a fast forward button
while at the same time wanting to pause and enjoy.

So we carry on.  We
move forward, slowly.  We continue along
the path laid out for us, and I continue to be grateful for everything we have—each
other, a happy home, regular paychecks—more good things than I could ever begin
to list.  Instead of trying to cram our
round life into a square hole right this second, I need to spend some time
carving out a better hole.    

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