Kitty “Hunting”

We play a game with Twix on our walks called, "Where's the kitty?"  Sometimes, we ask her when there really is a kitty somewhere in sight, but often, we ask her just to get her to stop and look around. It's cute how she goes into hunter mode–ears perk up and she becomes very still and she scouts the bushes looking for kitties.

The other day, we happened across a few.  One of them was positively posing for the dogs as they "hunted."  It's like he knew they were leashed and couldn't hurt him, so he strutted about, stretching and swaggering.  




I wish I had a good picture of Twix pointing.  Her tail goes fairly straight and she lifts one paw and stares, unmoving.  I think it's adorable.

We came across a few more kitties on our walk the other day, but these two were busy hunting each other.  First, I saw the black one coming through the bushes:


And after walking to the other side of the bushes, I caught this little guy creeping along toward the other one:


Naturally, Twix was completely oblivious to these two.  Silly dog.

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