A Stroll…

Leaving Rolo at the vet hospital was totally draining. Walking out of a vet's office with my dog's collar and leash in hand was reminscent of putting my childhood dog down when I was nineteen.  Not a fun thought when my sweet baby boy is seriously ill.

When I got home, I was sleepy and depressed, and rather than do any of the productive things I had planned to do, I curled up on the couch with Twix, an oversized fuzzy blanket, and NCIS re-runs on cable.  Catch took one look at me when she got home from work and insisted that I get dressed because we clearly needed to go out for a walk.

With only one dog to walk, I was able to bring my camera.  I really do love our neighborhood.

Sunshine hiding behind beautiful puffy rain clouds 


Twix wants to know what the hold-up is. I'm clicking away.


This is one of my favorite plants on our walks.  Orange buds with purple flowers–and it's winter.


I love the branches on this tree.  


More sunshine hiding behind clouds twoard the end of our walk. I hate the house, but love the lines of those tall, whispy tree branches silhouetted in front of the cloud.  


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