To the Dogs

When we started fostering dogs for the basset rescue, I never imagined it having the impact on our lives that it's had. By the end of 2012, we had helped 5 dogs find new homes.  

It all started with Eddie.  We only had him for a short time, but I will never forget him.


After Eddie, the rescue said they wanted to give us an "easy one," and so there was Gwendolyn.  Easy to love, yes.  Easy to let go of, not so much.  I really did fall in love with little Gwennie.


After Gwennie, there was Norman.  A big love.  He went to live with a sister hound named Lucy, and they changed his name to Ricky.  Love.


After Norman, we told the rescue that we needed to take a break over the holidays.  We were going to be doing a great deal of traveling, and were worried about having someone to care for three dogs.  Before we knew it, though, they were inundated with dogs and were in desperate need of fosters.  We asked for a mellow dog, and got Mildred. We had Millie the longest of any of our fosters, and gosh was she sweet.  We really did love little Millie.  We would have kept her in a heartbeat.


We couldn't stand the thought of a hound being homeless for Christmas, so we took in another foster quickly after Mildred was adopted.  Enter, Romeo.


I fell hard for Romeo.  He is the biggest hound I've ever had, but was essentially a 70-lb lap dog.  He LOVED to cuddle.  Romeo was adopted just after Christmas, and my lap still feels empty.  I miss him the most of all of them.  

I'm proud of what we've done for our fosters, but even more, I'm grateful for their reminder of how lucky we are to have food, clothes, shelter and love without question. We will never go hungry.  We will always have family who loves us.  We will never spend a night outside alone. We are so very fortunate to be able to share our space with these sweet four legged friends.

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