There's nowhere I love more than home.  The building itself… the yard… the neighborhood.  I truly love it here.  There are few things as satisfying as an evening in our back yard and a walk with the dogs.

We start off with a beer.  It's still a bit too hot for a walk.


We throw something on the grill and tease the dogs with the tongs…


We light some citronella tea lights to help keep the bugs away…


And then, as the sun is setting, we walk…


We encounter a Very Angry Kitty.  We see Very Angry Kitty every night, and she always has the same bristled, hissing reaction to us…


Very Angry Kitty lives next door to the house with the blue flowers.  I love these flowers…


And eventually, we make our way back home to our own flowers.  The dogs settle in with a chewie, and we settle in with each other.  


And that is why home will always be my favorite place.



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