Sweet Eddie


Oh, Eddie–where do I even begin?

You are such a love bug–except when you're not. And when you're not–well, you're just not.

You have the biggest dog feet I've ever seen.  When you sit with me on the couch, I love to hold your feet in my hands and just feel their weight. It's crazy–and no wonder you trip occasionally on our walks.


You LOVE to be loved–something I don't think you've had much of in your short life.  When we pulled out the garden hose the other day, you ran and hid from us.  Clearly, you were abused somehow, and we'll see to it that only loving hands will touch you ever again.


You aren't very crazy about sharing. Food. Love. Toys. You name it.  We're working on it, though. In a few weeks, I hope you'll understand that there is enough of everything to go around. You will never be hungry again.


So, my little Eddie bear, we'll keep the walks frequent, the kibble plentiful, and the love limitless and you just work on sharing with the rest of us. 


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