We’ve had so much going on in our lives, lately and I’ve just been too wrapped up in the moment to bother sitting down and writing about it—but some of it really does deserve the mention.

For example… Alaska. We took a Holland America cruise aboard the Westerdam at the beginning of July for my mom's 60th birthday.  It was just the three of us in a Verandah suite with a beautiful balcony and it was perfect.

Alaska was amazing. Probably the most beautiful place I have ever been—and I have been to some beautiful places.

From the glaciers and icebergs to the rainforest and bald eagles, I am absolutely in love with Alaska.  There really aren’t even words to describe, so I’ll just show you a few photos:

This one was taken on our way into Glacier Bay. It is my favorite photo from the trip, I think.  I have already had it printed as large as it can possibly be–now I just have to wait until I can afford to have it framed.

DSC_0713 copy

This one was taken in the morning as we approached Juneau. It's actually an iPhone photo–and thank goodness for iPhones, because I managed to forget my camera battery.  Fortunately, there was a shop in Juneau where we could get it all sorted out because this was not a trip to be without a camera.

Photo Jul 09, 11 56 32 AM copy

This particular bald eagle was spotted in Ketchikan, but there were so many.  It was amazing to be able to pause for a moment, look up, and see one of these guys soaring overhead.


This was taken in the Totem National Forest in Sitka.  I absolutely loved Sitka.  Although I loved Ketchikan, too.  It's a toss up with those two–they are surrounded by such beauty.

DSC_0972 copy

Here are a few more from Glacier Bay:

DSC_0335 copy

DSC_0281 copy

Alaska gave me a travel bug, for sure. I have ten trips in my brain, and after this trip, none of them in the budget–se la vie!

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