Hp_audioIt’s taken me a while to jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon.  A long while.

Sure, I saw all of the movies, but I never read any of the books.  I figured seeing the movies was good enough for me.

And then… I got myself hooked on audiobooks for the drive to and from work.  And then… I realized how freaking expensive audiobooks are.  And after I had finished listening to every book Chelsea Handler ever had a hand in, I was at a loss for what should come next—and I wasn’t feeling much like spending $30 on a new book.

So, I set up a shared dropbox folder with my mom and asked her to send over the Harry Potter books.  She bought the audio version on CD when each book came out and has raved for years about how much she loves the guy who reads them.  She listens to them over and over again, and has even downloaded other books just because it’s this particular guy doing the reading.

I started at the beginning of the series, and soon, I found that instead of listening to and from work, I was also listening while I walked the dogs in the afternoon.  Then I noticed that I was continuing to listen as I watered the garden after our walk was finished.  Then, I was listening while I was washing the previous night’s dishes and starting the prep work on dinner. 

Eventually, I got to a point where I was (sort of) disappointed when Catch would come home because it meant pulling out my headphones.  I even started closing my office door at lunch and listening on my lunch break.

I just finished the fourth book late Saturday night.  Sunday was a lazy, rainy day and I was so looking forward to putting the 5th book on my iphone and listening while I baked oatmeal cookies and made soup for our lunches this week—but to my horror, I discovered that I never got the 5th book from my mom. 

So now, I am going through some severe Harry Potter withdrawal.  I listened to music on my way into work.  I gazed longingly at my iPhone during my silent lunch hour.  I am positively dreading the drive home—music will not distract me from the traffic nearly as well.

What’s a muggle to do?

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