Calendar Pages

Where I love the spring and summer for their beautiful weather, time outdoors, vacations and festivities, there is one thing that just drives me crazy about these months: overscheduling.

It never fails that the second the temperatures start hitting the mid seventies and above on a regular basis, our calendar starts to fill—and fill—and fill some more.  Sometime next month, I will likely flip through calendar pages and find that we have no unscheduled Saturdays until September—and even September will only have one or two.

That’s the thing about the balance of marriage, family and friends—all these wonderful people we’ve filled our lives with actually want to spend time with us and invite us to things.  Sometimes I wish we could take all of the birthdays, showers and weddings for all those months and just shove them into one weekend.  One crazy, party-of-the-year kind of weekend.  It could start on Friday night and end when everyone passes out poolside on a Sunday afternoon.

Now if I could just get the families on board…


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