Heavier Things


I took a vacation day from work on Friday to attend a funeral with my wife and my in-laws.  Fortunately, I had no idea what I was walking into, or I probably wouldn’t have taken the day off and then I wouldn’t have been there to hug my wife and mother in law when the drama started and the celebration of a life turned into verbal attacks amongst family.

What is it about death and funerals that brings out the worst in people?

It should be a time of lending a hand and leaning on each other, but so often it evolves into those highly tense, “it’s all about me” scenes.  It’s so unfortunate.

I hate to see people I love being so hurt by the words of people who make judgments without all of the information.  I wish I could wave my Harry Potter wand and make it all better.  Instead, I will walk the hounds, cook our dinner, mix up some cocktails and ready the fire pit in the garden so that my emotionally exhausted wife can recharge a bit.  I hope.

Happily, we have daffodils.  (They are now wide open and absolutely gorgeous–especially when the morning light filters in through the windows.  I wish we could have daffodils sitting there all year round.)



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