Window Office


The windows in my office face west, and my monitors face the windows.  For this reason, when the sun starts inching westward in the afternoon, there comes a time when I have to close my blinds.  Usually sometime between 2 and 3 o’clock.  When I leave for the afternoon, my blinds stay closed.

There is something about walking into my office in the morning and opening the blinds that I find absolutely refreshing.  My office goes from a fluorescent-lit cave to a beautiful daylight filled workspace in a matter of seconds.  When my focus switches from the grey of the empty office to the blue of the sky, I am filled with something vaguely resembling inspiration.

Sometimes, it only lasts for a few seconds.  Sometimes, it stays with me for an hour or so.  Eventually, I am sucked into work and I forget all about it—but that’s just as well, because it makes it all the more enjoyable the next morning.

If I could change one thing in corporate America, it would be to give every employee a window. It’s bad enough having to spend hours on end in an office building—we all deserve a little bit of sunshine.


One thought on “Window Office

  1. Old post! But so relevant to me right now. We’re currently on the 14th floor and I have a window cubicle facing south west, facing the street with a shorter building across from us, so I get light and the afternoon sun too. The terrible thing about this all is that we have just been informed we’re being moved down to the 8th floor where we will be on the alley side of the building, next to a much taller building, with fewer windows, and windows which offer little to no natural light. We minions are pissed, and I’m sure my boss is even less impressed. In the big scheme of things, we’re just #s.

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