I’m noticing little changes since I started writing again.  Granted, I’m not writing the novellas that I used to compose, but still—it feels good, and the feeling seems to be igniting that spark that I’ve been hoping to find.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I logged into my Ravelry account.  I even found myself looking at knitting patterns via Pinterest.

Part of the reason I haven’t knitted in ages is a nagging pain in my wrist, but it was easy to rest my wrist because the desire I had held for soft, brightly colored yarn just wasn’t there anymore.  As I looked at baby blanket ideas for a friend at work today, I felt the familiar urge to hit the local yarn store again.  (Don’t worry, honey—I promise I won’t buy any new yarn for a very long time.)

Now, I’m excited to head home and look through my stash.  It’s time to start playing with yarn again.  I can’t wait.  Next on the needles… a fun, bright baby blanket.



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