Room to Breathe

I had a very vague and somewhere angst-filled entry in front of me in Word that I was ready to post.  Then, I passed a work-related exam with a perfect score, had a long lunch with a friend, and got a bit of fresh air.  I feel so much better, and now, instead of focusing on angst, I can focus on our recent camping trip.

I have grown up tent camping.  Hell, I have been told that I was conceived on a camping trip.  So when I met Catch and found out that she, too, is a fan of the camping experience, I knew I had hit the jackpot.  Our first weekend away together was a trip to the Kern River, where I grinned from ear to ear at how the two of us had our tent up in less than ten minutes while our friends were still struggling.  It was one of many signs that “us” was meant to be.

6 years later, we are seasoned pros at camping together.  My favorite trips with her have been ones that involved long nature walks and sleeping under the stars.  That’s what this beach trip was all about.

Walks along the sand dunes…


Some play time at the beach



Natural colors




Peaceful, coffee-filled mornings…



Lazy afternoon naps…


And, of course, bed time–which never seemed to come early enough for this little guy, who would start begging to go inside the tent the moment the sky started changing colors…



One thought on “Room to Breathe

  1. That’s sweet… my hubby was the exact opposite. He wasn’t very much into the outdoors before we met. That’s why I’m proud to say that I was the one who got him into the camping experience. Love the pictures, btw!

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