Camping Again

I am anxiously counting down the minutes until Catch and the hounds arrive to pick me up from work and take us away on our last camping trip of the summer.  After the work week I've had already, I truly deserve these next couple of days off.

Twixie as a puppy at McGrath in 2006 This is one of our local spots–only an hour or so away from home nestled near an estuary about a half mile inland from the ocean.  It's an easy place to camp with the dogs, and the kind of camping when the scenery matters less than the chance to escape.  It's not the most beautiful campground or the most private, but it gives us enough of that "away" feeling without the requisite 4+ hour drive into the mountains.

At this particular campground, we spend most of our time reading, enjoying the campfire, and cooking more involved meals than we would normally prepare while camping.  I call it gourmet camping.

So, my bags are packed with good books, dog treats, and the makings of a few nice meals (pancakes with caramelized apples & toffee sauce, anyone?) and my head is packed with the hope of making this 4-night camping trip the perfect end to a wonderful summer.


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